Delaware Children In Nature


Challenges and Obstacles

Delaware is not alone in facing challenges; many states deal with the same issues when attempting to leave no child inside.

As the coalition promotes the message to connect children with nature, there are obstacles and challenges that arise. We view these opportunities as chances to build connect with those who we can possibly influence.

Many issues exist that prevent our initiatives. Some are real, others are perceived, yet we continue to increase momentum.

Our primary challenges include:

  • funding for meaningful outdoor experiences like field trips and school yard habitats.
  • finding dedicated teachers and volunteers who will commit to long-term projects that encourage quality environmental education.
  • attitudes that are rooted in the fear of the outdoors, or "stranger-danger" which cause resistance to permitting children  to play "in the woods" or along the edges.
  • rethinking time to commit to outdoor activity; time is a non-renewable resource and we are competing with a multitude of other activities that take away time spent learning about nature in the outdoors.
  • technology can be truly engaging, so much so that screens, tablets and video games are the choice over outdoor activity. Unfortunately, many adults have fallen into this rut as well, and we know it can be the adult who helps the child get to a park or who leads a day adventure out on a trail or on the water.
  • For the past twenty years, the television has lured people into a sedentary life-style along with convenience food that too often provides unhealthy choices. The result is an obesity rate that continues to increase, both for children and adults across the state.

Dealing with challenges:
  • Learn about the issues.
  • Talk with others on both sides to have a balanced view.
  • Think outside the box! Actually we encourage you to think in another box, a new box, it is called the outdoors and Delaware is full of wonderful areas to visit and explore.