Delaware Children In Nature


Working Committee Environmental Literacy

The primary objective of this committee is the development and implementation of an environmental literacy plan for the state of Delaware, working through the Department of Education and CIN partners.

Committee Co-Chairs

Tonyea Mead, Delaware Department of Education

Email [email protected]

Telephone 302.735.4180 

Helen Fischel, Delaware Nature Society

Email [email protected]

Telephone 302-239-2334 x 114

Objectives for 2013-14

  • Develop E-Lit plan that is approved by Secretary Murphy.

  • Align E-Lit implementation with Next Generation Science Standards, following the phases of awareness, experimentation and implementation.

  • Create opportunities for administrations to study outdoor learning benefits, budgeting for outdoor opportunities, and more.

  • Create opportunities for teachers to go through field trip training, study outdoor learning benefits, and more.

Committee Contacts

Committee Co-Chairs

Tonyea Mead, DOE

Email [email protected]

Helen Fischel, DNS

Email [email protected]

Matt Ritter, DNREC 

Email [email protected]

Ashley Peebles, DDA

Email [email protected] 

Dusty Shockley, DOE