Delaware Children In Nature


Delaware Children in Nature Coalition

Children and adults can benefit from quality time spent outdoors. From the energy the sun provides for all living things to breathing fresh air, moving outside is the first step in taking advantage of “meaningful outdoor experiences” across Delaware and becoming a part of the Delaware Children in Nature (DCIN) initiative.

DCIN Mission & Coalition Partners

The mission of the Delaware Children in Nature Coalition is to encourage environmental literacy, increase opportunities for children to participate in outdoor experiences, promote healthy lifestyles, and support better access to green space. This mission is achieved through the work of the partners who comprise the Delaware Children in Nature Coalition.

Prescription for Health

Research has shown that getting outdoors for just 30 minutes or more will help lower your blood pressure, help fight ADHD symptoms, and reduce anxiety and depression. The Delaware Children in Nature Coalition has FREE programs for you listed on our Prescription for Health cards to not only get outdoors but to connect with family and friends through nature! Once you have attended the program, leave your prescription card with the program provider for a chance to win a prize! A raffle will be done at the end of each month! See more...

Taskforce Report

Click to view the Children in Nature Taskforce Report.

The CIN Taskforce Report proposes the opportunity to make significant changes that will have tremendous impact on our children's well-being and long-term commitment to protecting Delaware's unique environment.